Director's Message

KCVN focuses on overall development of a child, ways and measures are found out, and why child is not performing and is been ensured through modern teaching techniques that his /her concepts and basics are improved.

Our vision is to be acknowledged as an institute which provides quality education with modern teaching techniques but with traditional roots attached to it. Our belief is that all children should have the opportunity to experience the joy of discovery and develop a love of learning, we do not believe in creating robots that demonstrate rote memory of course content. To do so, learners must learn for meaningfulness. Rote learnt information is largely stored in the short-term memory and quickly forgotten.

Information that is not integrated and related to previous experiences is discarded and replaced with the next piece of information. To us that is a waste of a child’s youth and learning potential. Most importantly it is not an enjoyable and engaging learning experience for children that will motivate them to learn.

It is easy for a school to look good if they selectively choose children from the high-income groups after assessing for high achievement. Programs for the gifted and high flyers are simply not democratic. Social justice can only be achieved by open entry for admission and an education system that provides a high quality infrastructure to enable all children to experience the joy and wonder of learning.

Our vision here is to give a school and learning environments that exist and operate programs for all individual learners allowing them opportunities to reach their potential.

Animesh Jakhar