Philosophy of KCVN

Kumar Chandrikashram Vidya Niketan aims at the development of all round personality of the students. It is dedicated to inculcate amongst the students the qualities of leadership, adventure, exploration, mutual understanding and sound characters.They are prepared to be the responsible, honest, dedicated, conscientious and loyal citizens of India, having full faith in age old Indian ideals, values and traditions. They are tuned to be rational and not dogmatic, broad minded and not orthodox, adjusting and adapting to the needs of the changing times.

As the motto of the school is 'A no bhadrah kratavo yantu visvatah' ie. let the noble thoughts come to us from every direction. It will enable the students to come out of the narrow shell of caste colour and creed and become a man with universal humanitarian approach.

Location of the school in rural surroundings provides an ideal atmosphere to the students to acquaint them with our real rural culture as the roots of Indian culture lie in agriculture. The students are thus not cut off from the soil of the country but attached to it. The serene country side atmosphere makes the alma matter our ancient Gurukul.

The aim of the school is to create an awareness amongst the rural areas by setting up seat of quality education without pomp and show of urban life. Besides the pollution free atmosphere, the students get an environment free from din and dazzle, vices and maddening crowd.